Welcome to TiE Tampa’s 2020 Pitch Qualification
Where the community vote matters #TIECON FL

On Friday March 27th TiE Tampa will host our annual conference TIECON. This year our theme is “Innovation and Investment into the Next Decade.” For our pitch event we are asking entrepreneurs to complete a 3-minute video pitch about their company following the outline below. These will be uploaded to TiE Tampa Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Submissions will open February 14th. Yes, LOVE THAT STARTUP! Voting will start when your video or other *promo media item of choice is uploaded and will remain open until 1pm March 27th the day of TIECON.

The top 3 pitches as determined by the number of likes added together from Facebook and YouTube will get to share their pitch live at TIECON to the investors, business leaders and fellow entrepreneurs in the audience.

Send video/media submissions to

    Notes :
  • Call to actions can not include a specific ask for a dollar amount of money in a public forum. They can say “interested in speaking with investors” with specific industry background.
  • Feel free to share your video submission. Only likes will be counted. Dislikes and negative comments will be disregarded!
  • While we suggest video because of its ease to share, include captioning if you want, we will accept alternative media choices that display your pitch information.

3-MINUTE PITCH OUTLINE (no more than 3-minutes)

  1. Personal Name, Position & Company Name.
  2. Nature of Your Business or Business Idea.
  3. Value Proposition/positioning Statement/business Model – Differentiation & Unique Characteristics.
  4. Work Experience, Background & Achievements (Builds Credibilty).
  5. Call to Action. (Based Upon the Situation & What You Hope to Achieve.).

Note : Know Your Audience. Omit Industry “BUZZ” Words & Acronyms.

Don’t forget to register for the TIECON 2020 conference on March 27th here Register Now .

NOTE : annual membership for TiE Tampa is included with your conference registration.