Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship

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One’s Own Boss; the Thrilling World of Entrepreneurship

It is never easy to start one’s own business. But with a bit of hard work, some startup capital, and, most importantly, a novel idea, anything’s possible.

In fact, the concept of the ‘American Dream’ is based mostly on notions of entrepreneurship; the idea that anyone, regardless of background, can start their own business if they’re hardworking and innovative enough.

All Things Entrepreneurial

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, there are some 582 million entrepreneurs (i.e., people who own their own businesses) in the world. In the US alone, roughly 25 million people are currently running their own business enterprises.

This website is intended for anyone seeking to join the ranks of these self-made men and women. Here, readers will find interesting and informative posts on a range of topics about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

So for anyone who dreams of becoming their own boss, this site represents a valuable go-to resource.

Inspired by the Greats

This website also seeks to pay tribute to the great entrepreneurs of the past; those men and women who made names for themselves, along with vast fortunes, thanks to one excellent idea.

Such idealists of entrepreneurship, from whom readers, too, can draw inspiration, include Harland Sanders of KFC fame (otherwise known as ‘Colonel Sanders’), and Ray Croc, who turned the McDonald’s franchise into a global fast-food empire. Another great Amerian entrepreneur was Sheldon Adelson, known for his famous casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada. Without great pioneers in the casino industry like him, we wouldn’t have the popular online casinos we have today. Find your favorite online casino at usonlinecasino.com.

Most importantly, this site aims to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with helpful advice on how to successfully start their own business ventures in an increasingly competitive world.